Radio Shuttle Rack Forklift For High-Density Storage

Radio Shuttle Rack Forklift For High-Density Storage

radio shuttle rack is an ideal solution for warehouses that store a large number of pallets per SKU. It is ideal for environments with a limited stock rotation, such as coolstores or refrigerated warehouses. The system is also suitable for First In First Out (FIFO) and Last In First Out (LIFO) product arrangements. For a quick look-up of the racking system's certifications, visit the website of the certifying agency. Once you've verified that it is certified, contact the supplier or certification agency to obtain the latest certification.

A Radioshuttle rack system is a specialized pallet racking system that allows for maximum use of each lane. A radio-controlled shuttle car transports the goods from one lane to another. It also eliminates the need for forklift trucks to drive into each aisle, reducing risk of injury and damage to the racking structure. In addition to improving worker safety, this system allows for greater utilization of every lane, while freeing up forklift operations.

Radio shuttle racking system is ideal for different industries

Radio shuttle racking systems are available in many sizes and shapes, and are ideal for different industries. The versatility of the technology allows companies to maximize their warehouse space and optimize work efficiency. They can load and unload pallets of varying sizes and weight, and they are safe and reliable. A Radio Shuttle Racking System is highly recommended for companies that produce a large quantity of products. A Radio-Sci-Fit RS-Racking System allows you to use the same machine for different types of products and store them more efficiently.

A Radio Shuttle Racking System allows for a high storage capacity and increased efficiency

By eliminating aisles between pallets, the system reduces the risk of damage to the steel structure. The RS-Racking System is powered by durable lithium batteries. A fully charged battery can operate up to 16 hours without recharging. It is ideal for warehouses with a low temperature. It is compatible with a variety of pallet sizes and is appropriate for a wide range of environments.

The advantages of using a radio shuttle racking system over other racking systems include their ease of use, increased durability, and flexibility. The Radio Shuttle Racking System is designed to minimize the time it takes to load a pallet and to maximize productivity. Its height allows for a 30m depth, whereas a Drive-In system can only reach 20m. A radio-controlled program can be installed by an experienced technician, allowing for easy access from any part of the facility.

It is an excellent option for warehouses that need to maximize the capacity of their warehouse

Its lifting capacity is sufficient to accommodate up to 100 pallets. A radio shuttle system is also a great choice for a high-volume warehouse. With a high-speed system, you can store more and move more products. Its flexibility is also essential for businesses that are focusing on shipping. You can reduce travel time and reduce maintenance costs by implementing a Radio Shuttle racking system in your facility.


A Radio Shuttle Racking System is an excellent solution for warehouses. It is a combination of a racking system and a shuttle. It is a type of through-type rack and is similar to a forklift. It is propelled by a remote control and features a platform and rails. It is also very useful in warehouses, since it offers convenience and maximum storage capacity. This rack is a very convenient option for businesses that store a variety of items.