Factors Affecting The Lifetime of a Pelleting Machine

Factors Affecting The Lifetime of a Pelleting Machine

The cost to buy a pelleting machine is usually high. Because of this high cost, maintaining the pelleting machine is of optimum importance to you. The pelleting machine is the most important device influencing the production process of pellets. Now, once your pellet machine is bad, there's no way you can make pellets. 

That's why before you buy a pelleting machine, you should consider the brand, the type, and the features of the device. If possible, you can try to buy a pellet machine from a company that offers a warranty on their products. For a company to provide a warranty, it means they have trust in the process used to make the machine. Likewise, you should order from a company with a good reputation over the years. A simple check for the company will be to choose a company with the skills and labor to fix and create pelleting machines. 

A pelleting machine is expensive, but it's not everlasting. It will still undergo normal wear and tear, and at the end of the day, it may get spoiled. Some of the factors that make your pelleting machine spoil quickly include;

Pelleting dry materials

For the process of pelleting, you can't put the materials into the pelleting machine dry. If you try to make a pellet with a dry powdery substance, the device will require more power to press and increase the energy bills, and in turn, the lifespan of the pelleting machine can't last. While pelleting dry materials isn't a good option, adding too much moisture isn't also great for the material. With too much water, it's harder for the pelletization process to go on; that way, you'll still be using more methods. 

The type of pelleting machine

There are different types of pelleting machines used globally. We have the wood pelleting machine, iron ore pelleting machine, straw pelleting machines and many more options, based on the type of material it's pelleting. Based on the category of the pelleting device, it takes a harder process to work. For instance, the amount of energy needed to make an iron pellet will be higher than the energy used in the pelletization process of a rice husk. However, the materials used to make pelleting machines change per the machine used. Therefore, they should have their separate lifespans. 

The use of the machine

Broadly, pelleting machines are grouped into large-scale and small-scale machines. The large-scale pellet machines are used to make pellets for commercial purposes, while the small-scale ones are used for more residential and domestic quantities. If at any point, you use the small-scale pelleting machine for a large-scale purpose, the lifespan will be reduced. 

Poor Maintenance

We mostly forget that a pelleting machine is a device that needs maintenance. There are specific ways to maintain your pelleting machine, depending on the company's requirements. Therefore, you should ask the producers of the pelleting machine maintenance questions before you pay for the device. That way, you can maintain the machine well over time. 


Pelleting machines may be costly, but they're regular devices prone to damages based on some factors and poor maintenance. We have discussed the factors affecting the pelleting machines in this guide.