ETFE: Its History and Application

ETFE: Its History and Application

The concept of etfe may not be a globally recognized one presently, but it sure is growing popular. Etfe is an abbreviation for ethylene tetrafluoroethylene. This is a chemical compound made from a mix of hydrocarbons and fluorine. And as you may rightly guess, this item is made of plastic. Some people believe that this compound is too complex to understand. But in recent times, the compound has been used to build different products worthy of note. You will agree that we live in a world that is innovative. There are diverse types of innovations that are built every second, and a thousand more are being imagined by the like minds. When the innovations are newly introduced into the world, there are mixed feelings among the populace. We are already used to a system that works for us, so some may be uninterested in that innovation. Some other people, are young and are willing to learn the innovation, as long as it is a beneficial one. For another set of people, they accept the innovation, but they have creative and problem-solving mindsets so they can fish out the issues in that innovation and bring solutions.

The last situation of people looking for improving solutions is the exact situation of The etfe. Etfe first came into being in the late 18th century, and since then there have been more improvements to this system. More people have brought innovative ideas to the existence of etfe. As a polymer, there are some features like strength and resistance to certain situations that it has. However, these features are not the only advantage of the etfe. In this guide, we will explain totally the meaning, features, and applications of etfe. By the end of reading this guide, you should understand what the etfe means totally.

What is ETFE?

As we have explained above, etfe is a short-term for ethylene tetrafluoroethylene. The main aim of this material from its structure and design was to withstand the highest temperature level and act against corrosion. Some other amazing feature of etfe is its resistance against radiation, whether it is coming from electricity or general energy. You will need a high amount of energy before you can melt etfe, but when you finally get to burn it, your result will be hydrofluoric acid.

What is the historical story of ETFE

Initially, etfe was built to be used in the airline industry. The first design and production of any etfe material came in 1970. The main production of this material was for aerospace, but immediately it was launched, the two industries that used the material the most were the architecture and agriculture industries. In 2001, this material was used predominantly because of its ability to withstand solar conditions in a project known as the Eden Project. Today, etfe is used in diverse projects because of its properties and resistance to the worst conditions.

What Are The Modern Operations of etfe?

Etfe may have existed for more than forty years, but it is not popular in the world today. However, there are some situations where it is used such as;

  • Used as panels in stadiums like Allianz arena in Germany
  • Used as a covering for optic wires used for fiber and electricity.
  • Used to coat wires in the aerospace field.